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Using the Arts

to Make a Difference

Character building classes in Dance, Music, Theatre and Circus for kids and adults!

Compassion. Confidence. Creativity. 
Using the arts to make a difference


Classes for students of all ages and abilities starting as young as 18 months!


Group lessons  in voice and piano that offer an exceptional learning experience!


Full-scale junior musical productions and acting classes. Beginners welcome!


A safe and exciting acrobatic and aerial experience unlike anything else! 


My granddaughter was painfully shy. She would hide in the corner at birthday parties. After starting at CCA, my super shy girl got up on stage in front of big audiences and shook her groove thing! She's learned valuable confidence and social skills at CCA.

Tammy K.

Dance Grandma

For my daughter, life was pretty uneventful since she didn't have many activities to be involved in at a young age. I chose CCA because they offer so much more than just dance for my child's future. I look forward to watching her grow with CCA in years to come!

Heidi M.

Dance Mom

My son is not overly athletic. He used to play sports, but kids picked on him because he wasn't the best. He excels at musical theatre and has become more confident in other activities since joining CCA. He started playing baseball again and has improved significantly!

Karena M.

Theatre Mom

Theater has taught my shy, reserved kids how to be self-confident, try new things, how to work together with others, memorization, social interaction skills, and mostly... how to make new and lasting friendships! I can’t imagine life without Junior theater!

Charlene K.

Theatre Mom

U.S. Small Business Administration
Proud recipient of the 2017 Pittsburgh SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 
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Take the next steps to join our family and start making a difference with us today!

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