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11 Benefits of Theatre

Very few kids who participate in youth theatre go on to become professional actors, but there are so many other important skills that they’re learning that can be used in their everyday lives, no matter what profession they decide to pursue in the future, such as…​​​

1. Reading and reciting from scripts, which increases their verbal and literacy skills.

2. Working with a director/musical director/choreographer, which increases their listening skills.

3. When they’re practicing for an audition, they’re learning research and preparation skills, and learning how to take steps toward achieving a goal.

4. When they perform in front of their peers or an audience, they’re learning self-confidence and bravery.

5. When they get cast in a plum role, they’re learning how to accept their achievements with grace.

6. When they don’t get the part they want, they’re learning to deal with disappointment.

7. When they’re practicing their lines and rehearsing their choreography at home, they’re learning about the importance of giving your best effort and not letting down your teammates.

8. When they’re learning dances and stage combat, they’re practicing hand/eye coordination.

9. When they’re cast in a show with kids they don’t know or don’t like, they’re learning how to deal with others.

10. When they realize that they have a project due in class the day before off-book day, they’re learning about time management.

11. When something goes wrong onstage (which it inevitably does in the theatre!), they’re learning how to deal with the unexpected, how to stay cool in an emergency, how to roll with the punches and keep the show going on!

Take advantage of the Children's and Community Theatre opportunities in your town!

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