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Dancers Can Now Join National Honor Society for Dance Arts!

Clarion Center for the Arts is excited to announce their chapter sponsorship of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts! For dancers in Clarion who are ready to spruce up their college resume, this is a game changer.

After a lengthy application process, Clarion Center for the Arts was approved for both a Junior and a Secondary Chapter. Now students in 6th through 12th grade can be inducted into the National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA).

What do students get for being inducted into NHSDA?

For each chapter induction (Junior and Secondary), students receive official Certificates of Induction and a gold Honor Pin to commemorate their achievement. Qualifying for NHSDA induction is no small feat, so highlighting it on a resume can go a long way to getting into top-notch dance programs at prestigious colleges. Students can be proud of the hard-work it takes to become an inductee.

What does it take to get inducted into NHSDA?

Induction qualification is based on a point system. Students have to earn a specific number of points by participating in certain dance-related activities. These activities include dance classes, dance workshops, performances, choreography, essays about dance, fulfillment of leadership roles, community service and more.

Students must also demonstrate a strong level of integrity and character such as teamwork and leadership. A character assessment is conducted by the chapter sponsor.

Finally, students must also maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Do you have to be a student at Clarion Center for the Arts to be inducted?

Based on NHSDA requirements, the majority of points earned have to be accumulated through dance activities at the chapter site. While some points can be earned elsewhere, students will need to take some classes at Clarion Center for the Arts to qualify.

What else?

Inductees can purchase blue/white honor cords through NHSDA to wear at graduation. Clarion Center for the Arts has started working with local school districts to permit this and allow students to showcase their achievement.

What’s great about NHSDA is that it’s not a competition of skill but rather a recognition of commitment and character. In a world where judging dance talent can be very subjective, this program is a breath of fresh air. Students will never have to feel rivalry among each other but rather camaraderie as they work together and encourage one another to reach induction standards.

The teachers and administrators and Clarion Center for the Arts are thrilled to bring this new program to Clarion’s aspiring young dancers. For more information you can email them at or shoot them a text at 814-319-5631.

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