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2021 Dance Recital

Our 2021 Dance Recitals are scheduled for June 4th and 5th with a Dress Rehearsal on June 3rd. Use this post for easy reference of all important dates, links and announcements!

Venue: Clarion-Limestone High School

(Dress Rehearsal and all Mini Recitals will take place here.)

4091 C-L School Road

Strattanville, PA 16258

Important Dates:

  • April 19th-23rd - Class Observation Week (record your child’s dance to practice at home!)

  • Saturday, April 24th - Picture Day! (see schedule below)

  • Friday, May 1st - Recital Program Spotlights and Sponsorships due

  • NEW: Tuesday, May 25th, 12:30pm - tickets go on sale (Here is the link)

  • Thursday, June 3rd - Dress Rehearsal at Clarion-Limestone High School (Here is the Schedule)

  • Friday, June 4th - Mini Recital Shows 1 and 2

  • Saturday, June 5th - Mini Recital Shows 3-7

  • Wednesday, June 30th - Recital Jammie Jamboree!

NOTE: We will NOT be requiring dancers to wear face masks for our Recital. If you would like your child to still wear a mask while performing, please invest in a skin-colored mask at the link below. They are only $5.35 for a pack of 3! :-) The link is for child-sized masks.

Skin-colored Masks

Mini Recital Schedule:

NOTE: The Box Office will open 30 minutes prior to each show for you to purchase tickets at the door for that show.

  • SHOW 1 - Friday, June 4th @ 6:00pm (Student checkin at 5:30pm; Doors open at 5:45pm)

  • Elementary Ballet 1

  • Elementary Ballet 2

  • Elementary Tap 1

  • NEW: Elementary Tap 2/3

  • Elementary Lyrical 1/2

  • Elementary Jazz 1/2

  • NEW: Elementary Contemporary

  • SHOW 2 - Friday, June 4th @ 7:30pm (Student checkin at 7:00pm; Doors open at 7:15pm)

  • Elementary Ballet 3

  • Elementary Tap 2/3

  • Elementary Jazz 3

  • Elementary Lyrical 3

  • Elementary Contemporary

  • Pointe III

  • Acro 5

  • SHOW 3 - Saturday, June 5th @ 10:00am (Student checkin at 9:30am; Doors open at 9:45am)

  • Bumble Babies

  • Acro 4

  • NEW: Elementary Jazz 3

  • SHOW 4 - Saturday, June 5th @ 11:30am (Student checkin at 11:00am; Doors open at 11:15am)

  • Twinkle Tots

  • Petite 2 Ballet, Tap and Jazz

  • Acro 1

  • SHOW 5 - Saturday, June 5th @ 1:00pm (Student checkin at 12:30pm; Doors open at 12:45pm)

  • Little Leapers

  • Petite 1 Ballet, Tap and Jazz

  • SHOW 6 - Saturday, June 5th @ 2:30pm (Student checkin at 2:00pm; Doors open at 2:15pm)

  • Primary Ballet and Tap

  • Primary Jazz and Lyrical

  • Acro 3

  • SHOW 7 - Saturday, June 5th @ 4:00pm (Student checkin at 3:30pm; Doors open at 3:45pm)

  • All Junior dances

  • All Senior dance

  • Pointe IV

  • Pointe V-VI

  • Acro 6+

  • NEW: Elementary Jazz 3

*NOTE: All competition numbers and Senior Solos will perform for all mini shows.

Tights, Shoes and Hair:

  • Hair should be worn in a tight, neat bun. Shorter hair should be pulled straight back out of the face and up off of the neck.

  • Bumble Babies, Twinkle Tots, Little Leapers and all Ballet Dances - ballet pink shoes and tights

  • All Tap Dances - black tap shoes and tan tights

  • Petite Jazz - bare feet and tan tights

  • Primary Jazz and Lyrical - bare feet and tan tights

  • Elementary, Junior and Senior Jazz - tan jazz shoes and tan tights

  • Elementary, Junior and Senior Lyrical - nude lyrical shoes and tan tights

  • Elementary, Junior and Senior Contemporary - bare feet and no tights

  • Acro 1, Acro 3, Acro 5 and Acro 6+ - bare feet and no tights

  • Acro 4 - bare feet and tan tights

Ticket Information:

  • Online Ticket Sales

  • A ticket must be purchased for each show you attend... just like the theatre!

  • Sold online from Tuesday, May 25th, at 12:30pm through Tuesday, June 1st, at 11:59pm

  • $12 each plus processing fees

  • Sold at the door prior to each show

  • $14 each

  • No limit on the number of tickets you can purchase!

  • Simply purchase the number of tickets you need and we will assign seating later to allow for some social distancing.

  • Diamond Pass Holders and 20 Days of Giveaways winners will be given priority seating.

  • TWO COMPLIMENTARY tickets per family. Look for an email with your coupon code.

  • If you redeem your code online, you will still have to pay processing fees to the ticket company.

  • Families with two children in different shows will be comped four tickets. :-)

Child Drop-Off & Pick-Up:

  • Dress Rehearsal

  • Bumble Babies, Twinkle Tots, Little Leapers, Petites, Primary, Acro 1 and Acro 3 students - in auditorium with one guardian

  • Backstage - exit auditorium to the right and follow signs downstairs to the cafeteria

  • Guardians return to auditorium to watch dance and retrieve students after they've danced in main lobby

  • Elementary, Acro 4 and Acro 5 students - stay in cafeteria

  • Junior and Senior students - stay in Music Room

  • Performances

  • Junior and Senior students - report to Music Room

  • Bumble Babies will stay with their families during the show. They do not need their own ticket.

  • Twinkle Tots, Little Leapers, Petites, Primary, Elementary, Acro 1, Acro 3, Acro 4 and Acro 5 students - drop off at cafeteria through main doors next to the auditorium.

  • One female guardian given event bracelet with a number

  • Same number written on student's hand with a non-toxic blacklight marker

  • Female guardian with event bracelet can access cafeteria to help their child with costume changes if necessary. Enter cafeteria by exiting right side of the auditorium and following signs downstairs.

  • At the end of the show, pick up students at the cafeteria through the DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION door on the right side of school building. Must exit through main doors to reach District Administration door.

  • We will use a small UV light to compare the number on your child's hand with the number on your bracelet. Just like Chuck E. Cheese!

Important Links:

1st Year Students:

  1. Elyssa Apel

  2. Eva Apel

  3. Eleanor Barrett

  4. Kora Becker

  5. Alexa Bonk

  6. Donovan Bundy

  7. Mya Colon

  8. Abigail Comilla

  9. Brenna Cozad

  10. Quinn Doverspike

  11. Hallie Edmonds

  12. La’Stayzia Gaston

  13. Macie Gatesman

  14. Hadley Graybill

  15. Taylor Ion

  16. Addison Irwin

  17. Saige Jones

  18. Scarlett Jones

  19. Leah Kirkpatrick

  20. Sofia Kolodick

  21. Amaya Dotterer

  22. Hazel Lander

  23. Arriana McKenzie

  24. Molly McAdoo

  25. Mia McBurnie

  26. Ethan McDonnell

  27. Elliott Menold

  28. Emma Miller

  29. Charlotte Perales

  30. Aspen Shreckengost

  31. Arabella Smerker

  32. Sutton Smith

  33. Kiyah Snell

  34. Mera Strattan

  35. Lila Stormer

  36. Kendall Telego

  37. Emberly Troese

  38. Liza Vesci

5th Year Students:

  1. Jhoselyn Ace

  2. Piper Bussard

  3. Ava Chambers

  4. Milan Foster

  5. Makenna Mooney

  6. Samantha Patton

Perfect Attendance (since March 1, 2021):

  1. Elyssa Apel

  2. Helena Barrett

  3. Elise Beach

  4. Everly Beach

  5. Alexa Bonk

  6. Whitney Boozer

  7. Piper Bussard

  8. Macie Gatesman

  9. Emily Dunkle

  10. Danae Hansford

  11. Aurora Hills

  12. Scarlett Jones

  13. Leah Kirkpatrick

  14. Hannah Lawrence

  15. Lacie Lewis

  16. Kinley Luton

  17. Emma Martin

  18. Olivia McCormick

  19. Ethan McDonnell

  20. Emmaleigh McDonnell

  21. Elliott Menold

  22. Emma Miller

  23. Fiona Robertson

  24. Hannah Rowan

  25. Grace Shevitz

  26. Aspen Schreckengost

  27. Addyson Space

  28. Lila Stormer

  29. Annie Switzer

  30. Emberly Troese

  31. Bindi Weiland

  32. Willow Weiland

  33. Eliza Wrhen