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2023 Sparky Mission: Caring for Kids in Need

Every year at Clarion Center for the Arts we choose a mission to support through various means in our classes and at our performances. This year's mission is to care for kids in our community by raising money and awareness for the Keystone Family Alliance.

Keystone Family Alliance aims to educate, motivate, and equip families in the state of Pennsylvania on the needs of orphans and vulnerable children, both locally and globally. Through wraparound Care Communities, they provide tangible support, prayer, resources, and aid, resulting in foster families who are involved longer and stronger. They make a real, measurable and lifelong impact, guiding orphans and vulnerable children toward a better, brighter future. With 14,000 kids currently in foster care or awaiting adoption, there aren't currently enough homes to serve these children. Keystone Family Alliance is mobilizing families and homes across Pennsylvania to help meet this need.

Here are some ways that we are raising money for this mission:

1. Donation Pledges for our annual Dance Competition

Our dance students attend one dance competition in Cleveland, OH, through the Ohio Dance Masters each year. To give these kids something more meaningful to dance for than just an award, we ask their friends and families to pledge a donation based on the awards they receive.

If you would like to be a part of this year's pledge fundraiser, you can pledge a donation online at the link below.

2. 20 Days of Giveaways

We celebrate the month of February every year with our 20 Days of Giveaways. Students are invited to complete different challenges each week to be entered into a daily prize drawing. Our Level 3 challenge is to bring in a Dollar Donation for our annual cause!

3. Sparky Bucks

Sparky is our mascot and students can earn "Sparky Bucks" in class for practicing, working hard and being a good friend. Students then have the option of spending their Sparky Bucks in our Sparky Store OR donating them toward our mission! If students collectively donate 1,000 Sparky Bucks, CCA will make a donation to our cause on behalf of the students!

4. Recital Fundraiser

When parents and guests purchase tickets for our Spring Dance/Circus Recital, they'll have the opportunity to make a donation for our cause. They can also drop off a donation at the show!

We're looking forward to seeing the impact this fundraiser makes for our community!


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