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An introduction to CCA Sparklers!

Who Are CCA Sparklers?

CCA Sparklers is a special group granted the privilege to join us in Cleveland, Ohio, for the annual Ohio Dance Masters Performing Arts Convention and Competition. Sparklers get to travel out of town and occasionally perform for the community and are expected to represent CCA with Compassion, Confidence and Creativity wherever they go. Participation in Competition is not required to be on the team.

What is the time commitment?

Students accepted into our Sparklers program must be enrolled in a ballet class at Clarion Center for the Arts as well as additional classes based on age and the genre of dance in which they are placed. Students must maintain their technique by regularly attending their core classes.

Competition choreography is taught in our regularly scheduled classes. This means, for example, a student’s Tap class may be invited to compete. Some additional rehearsals may be scheduled, but for the most part, rehearsals will simply take place during class.

Students should strive to have no more than four absences of a Sparkler rehearsal during the course of our season with no absences occurring during the four weeks leading up to competition. Absences should be excused three weeks in advance with the exception of a sudden death in the family, the hospitalization of the student, or a contagious illness. If a student is ill but not contagious or injured, she is permitted to sit and watch the rehearsal while taking notes.

Students are also required to attend our annual competition lock-in to be scheduled sometime in February. Parents are expected to attend the beginning of our lock-in for a parent meet and greet. Sunday rehearsals will be scheduled for February and March, and “tech-week” rehearsals will be held every evening of the week leading up to competition. The competition we attend is always scheduled for the middle or end of March.

Students are also expected to make every effort to participate in audition and leadership workshops as well as any community performance opportunities to which we are invited. Some of these events may take place during a school day. A school dismissal letter will always be available to students prior to the event.

Finally, there will be conditioning classes during the months of July and August. Some of these classes will be mandatory for certain students.

What is the financial commitment?

The fee to be on our Sparklers Ambassador Team is $250 per year (billed at $25 per month), plus $50 per competition dance (due February 1st).

Additionally… All students must have a CCA warm up jacket priced at $66.00 last year. Warm up pants are optional and priced at $34.00 last year. The hotel room in Cleveland was approximately $125.00 per night plus approximately $24.00 per day for parking. Other miscellaneous costs will include dance shoes, tights, earrings, makeup and other personal items needed for a particular dance or class. Scholarships are available!


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