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Artist of the Week - Ceredwin Milford

Ceredwin "Cerie" Milford has been dancing with us since our 2nd year in business in 2014 and has done multiple Junior Musical productions with us, too. She takes Ballet, Lyrical and Acrobatics and is currently in the cast of Mary Poppins, Jr. We asked Cerie a series of questions to get to know her better as an artist. Here are her responses!

What grade are you in and what school do you go to? 4th Grade at Keystone

What is your favorite thing about CCA?

The Banana Split Party! These are parties we have at CCA for achieving our different splits in dance and acro.

What is your favorite genre of dance, favorite musical and favorite acro trick?

Acrodance is my favorite genre of dance, Frozen is my favorite musical and back walkovers are my favorite acro trick.

Who is an Artist that inspires you?

Ms. Janet! She's like a celebrity to me. :-)

What is your favorite memory at CCA? My favorite memory at CCA is when Ms. Janet came in to my Acro class, asked me to do a back walkover, and then said I needed to be bumped up to the next Acro class with the "big kids."

In honor of our Recital theme for this year, what is your favorite book or story?

The Dear Dumb Diary series

Are there any achievements at CCA that you are particularly proud of?

I am particularly proud of being cast as a "Silly Girl" in Beauty and the Beast, Jr.

Thank you, Cerie, for being such an incredible student here at Clarion Center for the Arts! We look forward to watching you grow and shine as a dancer for years to come. Congratulations on being our Artist of the Week!


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