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Artist of the Week - Lexi Henry

Lexi Henry has been dancing with us since we opened in 2013. She currently takes Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary and has been a member of our Sparklers performance team for 7 years. We asked Lexi a series of questions to get to know her better as an artist. Here are her responses!

What grade are you in and what school do you go to? 12th Grade Senior at Keystone High School What is your favorite thing about CCA?

The family atmosphere

What is your favorite genre of dance?

Tap! Of course. :-) Who is an Artist that inspires you?

Miss Janet has always been a tap inspiration to me, having had her for 11 years. She has pushed me to be the best that I can be and then pushes me some more. Miss BreAnna has helped continue to bring out my emotion in my dances.

What is your favorite memory at CCA? Way too many to count - but a few of my favorites are... Rachel and her cinnamon attacks, making up lock-in dances at 2am, recitals & competitions, and admiring Miss Janet's [unusual] drawings.

In honor of our Recital theme for this year, what is your favorite book or story?

The Princess Bride

Are there any achievements at CCA that you are particularly proud of?

Being one of the original students at CCA, being the first CCA dancer to take the stage at our first Ohio Dance Masters competition, and to be graduating with NHSDA honors from CCA.

Where are you going to college and what will you be majoring in? Slippery Rock University with a BFA in Dance/Business Administration

What are your career goals?

To work in the school system and share my love of the arts through dance and music

What are some of your achievements in high school (dance related or otherwise)? National Honor Society, Captain and Choreographer for KHS Marching Band Dance Team for 5 years, District Choir, District & Regional Band, Student choreographer & roles in 5 high school musicals, and is currently 3rd in her class

How has dance helped you over the years? It has helped me make my mark in the school by choreographing for the marching band and for musicals. I was even personally asked to volunteer and teach choreography at a neighboring school for their musical. It has taught me time management, how to work with others to achieve a common goal, and how to be a leader.

How will dance continue to be in your life after high school? I will be taking classes in college and I also plan to use it in the job field. My goal is to be able to teach marching band dance teams and help with high school musicals, and even work in a studio some day.

Why do you think other kids should take dance and be involved in the performing arts? I think that dance helps you find limits to what the body can do and can also help your body mature more quickly and efficiently. I find joy in dance while also staying in shape in the process. The performing arts bring joy to both groups involved; the performers enjoy creating art and the audience enjoys getting to experience it.

Thank you, Lexi, for being such an incredible role model here at Clarion Center for the Arts. We appreciate the mark you've made on our teachers and the students that follow you. Best of wishes on your next journey in life! Come back a visit often! :-)


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