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Cecchetti Camp and Exams

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child take their exam this year?

Most students will not take an exam every year. Some bodies simply need more than one year of training and conditioning to be ready for exams. Or sometimes bodies just need a little more time to mature in order to achieve the quality of dance that examiners look for. Some exams even require students to be a certain age. You can contact the Office if you have any questions about your child's examining status for this year.

Should my child attend camp even if they aren't taking the exam?

YES! All Cecchetti students are expected to attend camp even if they aren't taking the exam. This two-week Ballet intensive is beneficial for all of our dancers. Plus, students will continue to learn new skills and theory at camp.

Can my child miss a part of camp?

Students are expected to attend camp in its entirety. We cannot guarantee that a student will be ready to take their exam if they miss a part of camp. If a student misses a part of camp and is deemed unready to take their exam, they will need to complete another year of training at their current level before taking their exam the following summer.

Our Cecchetti camp and exams are almost always the 2nd and 3rd weeks of June. However, we do not control our dates (they are given to us by the Cecchetti Council of America). We recommend leaving the entire month of June open as you complete your Cecchetti training.

What happens if my child misses their exam?

There are no make-up days for exams. If a student misses their exam they will need to wait until the following summer to take it. The student may be required to complete another year of training at their current level.

What are the Exams like?

For more information on what to expect in your exam, take a look at what the Cecchetti Council of America has to say at the link below! They also share a great study tool to work on theory and terminology.


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