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Developing the WHOLE Student

At Clarion Center for the Arts, we recognize that the majority of our students won't go on to pursue careers as performers. Our focus, therefore, is on setting students up for success no matter what they choose to do by giving them the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional tools they need to succeed. Some of these strengths - like grit, confidence and imagination - come naturally through any performing arts education. But there are other attributes that we strategically incorporate into our curricula in order to positively impact the development of the whole student.

The Mind

  • Executive functions and self-regulation are cognitive processes that are responsible for planning, focusing and multi-tasking and crucial for controlling impulses and achieving goals.

  • They depend on working memory, mental flexibility and self-control.

  • Dance, theatre and music all play a role in developing these functions through the need to learn and memorize quickly, adjust for space and timing and exert physical self-control through isolated movement that in turn promotes mental self-control.

The Body

  • DANCE has many physical benefits such as strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and coordination. All of these help students live a healthier, more confident life.

  • THEATRE can be a very physical activity, too. Students are often on their feet dancing and moving as they rehearse their scenes.

  • At CCA, we also take the time to talk about making healthy choices when it comes to sleep, screen-time and what we eat.

The Spirit

  • Clarion Center for the Arts has a unique focus on teaching character strengths through dance, music and theatre.

  • These include... Curiosity, Bravery, Perseverance, Zest, Kindness, Social Intelligence, Leadership, Humility, Appreciation of Beauty, Gratitude and Hope.

  • Our curricula provide dual-purpose lesson plans through which students learn about character as they learn about the arts.

CCA's Founder & Director, BreAnna Liberto, is certified in Teaching Character and Creating Positive Classrooms through the Relay Graduate School of Education.

The Emotions

  • Not all thoughts and feelings can be expressed through verbal communication. Dance, music and theatre give students the chance to say what cannot be said.

  • Because of this unique opportunity for non-verbal communication, students are able to work through their anger, grief, stress and other negative emotions in a safe and healthy way.

  • The arts not only help students express what they are feeling now, but they also help them discover the full range of human emotion and develop empathy for others’ emotions.

If you want to see first-hand how Dance, Music, Theatre and Circus, can help your child grow in mind, body, spirit and emotions, get started in our 2-week intro program for new students!


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