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Diamond Class Pass

At Clarion Center for the Arts, we believe in raising well-rounded students who are trained in multiple styles of dance as well as music and theatre. In order to make this more doable for your pocketbook, we've created the DIAMOND CLASS PASS.

The Diamond Class Pass gives students unlimited access to all of the classes offered at their age group and skill level. It is an all-inclusive package that includes costumes, performance fees and competitions.

This means that with the Diamond Class Pass, you pay ONE monthly rate that includes EVERYTHING throughout the year. We won't ask you to pay for anything else!* Plus, with the Diamond Class Pass, you save 3-16% on tuition, costumes and fees, which ends up being between $150 to $400 a year! <--- That's pretty SWEET!

In order for this to happen, our Diamond Class Pass rate is paid on the 1st business day of the month all year round (12 months). Should you need to withdrawal for any reason, you will still be charged for one additional month's fee.

The rates are based on the student's Ballet level. Students are automatically upgraded to the next Diamond tier when they move up in Ballet.

We have two different packages to choose from... Our Diamond Pass Ultra gives you all genres to dance as well as music and theatre classes. Diamond Pass Dance gives you all genres of dance.

  • Petite Diamond Class Pass... Ultra - $146/mo.; Dance - $109/mo.

  • Primary Diamond Class Pass... Ultra - $258/mo.; Dance - $201/mo.

  • Elementary Diamond Class Pass... Ultra - $357/mo.; Dance - $300/mo.

  • Pointe Diamond Class Pass... Ultra - $450/mo.; Dance - $359/mo.

To receive your Diamond Class Pass, you must register by June 20th and start making monthly payments in July. If you register late, the previous months' fees will be added to your monthly rate up through June.

The Diamond Class Pass is a great way to give your kiddo the most they can possibly get out of a well-rounded performing arts education and keep your monthly budget consistent. Give it a try!

To get started, just shoot us an email at info@clarioncenterforthearts.com. We're looking forward to helping you take this next step in your child's dance journey!

*The Diamond Class Pass does not include tickets, apparel, solos/duos/trios and small group dances or other "extra" things.

P.S. When you add another child to the Diamond Class Pass, they get an additional 5% off the monthly rate!


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