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Diamond Members

At Clarion Center for the Arts, we recognize that the more dance classes you take and the hours you spend training the stronger you become! To honor our most dedicated students who wish to take every genre of dance available to them (and to make this more doable for your pocketbook!), we offer our dancers a DIAMOND MEMBERSHIP.

Our Diamond Members get to enjoy a class bundle of all our Dance class and Acro for each age group with tuition payments spread out over 12 months instead of 10. This helps you budget better and take more advantage of our fundraisers. You'll ultimately be saving about 10-15% on your total tuition for the year!

Out of gratitude for your commitment to your child's dance training, we also provide a discount with each Diamond Member bundle and additional perks such as...

  • Priority ticket sales for our Holiday Ballet and Spring Dance/Circus Recital

  • Discounts for Music, Theatre and Cirque group classes

  • Special access to workshops and events as opportunities arise

Here are the different bundles for our Diamond Members:

Diamond Bundle

Tuition Rate

What's included?



Petite Combo, Acro & Sparklers

Primary A

(no Cecchetti)


Ballet/Tap Combo, Jazz/Lyrical Combo, Acro & Sparklers

Primary B


Ballet/Tap Combo, Jazz/Lyrical Combo, Acro, Cecchetti & Sparklers

Principal A

(no Contemporary)


Ballet, Tap, Jazz/Lyrical Combo, Acro, Cecchetti & Sparklers

Principal B

(no Pointe)


Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary Combo, Acro, Cecchetti & Sparklers

Principal C


Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary Combo, Acro, Cecchetti, Pointe & Sparklers



Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Acro, Cecchetti, Pointe & Sparklers

To become a Diamond Member, please email the Office to register by June 20th. You'll start making monthly payments in July. If you register late, the previous months' fees will be due immediately.

The Diamond Member bundle is a great way to give your kiddo the most they can possibly get out of a well-rounded dance education and keep your monthly budget consistent. Give it a try!

To get started, just shoot us an email at We're looking forward to helping you take this next step in your child's dance journey!

*The Diamond Class Pass does not include tickets, apparel, private lessons, solos/duos/trios and small group competition dances or other "extra" things.

P.S. When you add a Diamond bundle for another child, they get an additional 10% off the monthly rate!


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