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Dancers Raise Money and Awareness for Clarion County Foster Care

Every year at Clarion Center for the Arts, we select a cause that we support through fundraising and building awareness. This year, we've selected Foster Care, a cause that is very near and dear to my heart.

In 2013, just as our doors at CCA were opened, my parents became foster parents to a sibling group of three between the ages of two and four. Since I was still living at home, these kiddos became a huge part of my life.

About a year later, the foster babies were placed in the home of their new "forever family."

In October 2015, my parents' home was graced with another sibling group of three, this time between the ages of six and nine. A completely different challenge, but one my parents embraced with loving arms.

In July 2017, these kiddos were placed in the home of their new "forever family."

And just three weeks later, my parents were given yet another sibling group of three, between the ages of one and five.

In each scenario, the kids were living in abusively neglectful households, in some cases with parents who were in and out of jail for various reasons. What's particularly striking about these stories is the risk every sibling group faced of being torn apart. Thankfully, my parents stepped up and invited the whole gang into their home and care.

As a part of the cause we select each year, we create a dance that tells a story about the cause and use it as a fundraiser when we take it to competition.


Well, we invite friends and family like you to pledge a certain amount based on the awards we receive at the competition. The harder our dancers work and the better they score at competition, the more money they raise from generous donors like yourself.

This year, we've created a production number that tells the story of a sibling group of three living in an abusive household, being removed from the home and split apart in foster care, and eventually being reunited with their own "forever family."

There is a real need in our community for foster families who are willing to take in groups of siblings. We hope to bring awareness to this need while raising some money that can help lighten the burden that foster families carry as they love on and care for these hurting children.

If you would like to partner with us by pledging toward our cause, just click on the link below and fill out the form. We'll keep in touch with you about how we do and what steps to take next.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your generosity!


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