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FREE Workshop with Broadway and Hollywood Talent Scout

What could you possibly have in common with these people?

More than you think.

Discover why stardom has always been about one thing... working smart at something you love.

It means approaching your classes, rehearsals, and performances with the same passion and purpose that originally brought you to Clarion Center for the Arts. It means taking care of yourself physically and emotionally; it means permanently winning your struggle with fear and self-doubt. It means daring to dream the way you did as a child—boldly, fearlessly, as if literally anything was possible.

Learn all about these and many other universal principles that have always worked and always will in a free, fun, live interactive 60-minute online webinar with Broadway and Hollywood Talent Scout, Peter Sklar. Exclusively for the students, parents, & staff of Clarion Center for the Arts!

FRIDAY, APRIL 9th, 7:00pm

Due to the individualized nature of this event, reservations are required and each session is limited to 20 students plus their parents. We regret that students under age 18 can not be permitted to attend without the on-screen presence of one of their own parents or a permanent legal guardian. Laptop is required. Thank you!


Learn more about your speaker, Peter Sklar, at the link below.

Hear the feelings of kids, parents, and teachers about this talk: Video Comments.

This workshop is sponsored by: Beginnings Academy... New York, Hollywood, London


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