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Junior Musical: Singin in the Rain

Use this blog post for quick and easy reference to all the important dates and information about our production of Singin' in the Rain, Jr.!

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  • Rehearsals - Every Thursday until the show in June!

  • Auditions - February 29th (No class)

  • Easter Break - March 21 (No class)

  • Extra Rehearsals - TBA

  • Tech Rehearsals - June 24th-26th from 4:30-8:30pm

  • Show Dates - June 27th, 28th and 29th


Every kid is guaranteed a part in the show, but we hold auditions to determine which role goes to which kid.

To learn how to prepare for an auditions, visit our blog post!

And when you're ready, sign up for our Audition slot using the form below.



To produce the best show possible, it's super important that kids listen to their songs CONSTANTLY. Students will be given CD's in class, but you can also access all of the music digitally at the links below. Rehearsal Tracks have guide vocals on them... Performance tracks are just the accompaniment!


Students get a commemorative t-shirt for participating in this show. Please add your child's t-shirt size to the Google Spreadsheet below. (You will need to download the Google Sheets app or use a desktop computer.) Be sure to select the Musical tab and NOT the Dance Recital tab!

You can order additional t-shirts for yourself at $20 a piece, too. Just add your name and t-shirt size to the bottom of the list!


Students (and their parents!) are responsible for their costumes. Have your child keep track of what characters they are playing and what kind of costumes they need. You can Google the show for costume inspirations or talk to our Directors!

Here are some notes from our Directors about costumes:

Director's Costume Notes

Here are some general notes about costumes for individual characters:


Students (and their parents!) are responsible for the props their character uses in the show. These props can be items that you purchase, have lying around your house or create if you're crafty! Use the spreadsheet below to sign up as a props provider!


We rely on the help of siblings and friends to serve as our stage and tech crew for our Musicals. If you have another child or know of a friend who would like to be a part of the show in this way, please sign them up using the spreadsheet below. If you're signing up a friend, please include your name on the sheet for contact purposes.

(Download the Google Sheets app or use a desktop computer.)


Parents jump in to help create the set and scenery needed for our shows. If you're skilled with a hammer or some paint, then we'd love your help on our scenic design crew! Please be sure to join our Junior Musical Facebook Group and volunteer when you see posts about putting together the set. Parents who help with this important task receive an Early Admission pass for one of the performances!



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