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Mini Artist of the Week - Hadley Johnston

Hadley Johnston is in her 4th year of dance with us. She currently takes Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Acro. Our teachers selected her as our Mini Artist of the Week because she's been working so hard and staying focused in our Virtual dance classes. We asked Hadley's mom a few questions to get to know her better. Here are her answers!

How old is Bella?

Hadley is 6 years old and currently in 1st grade.

What is her favorite thing about CCA?

Her favorite thing about CCA is doing acro tricks with her friends!

What is her favorite genre of dance and favorite acro trick?

Tap is her favorite genre and Candlesticks are her favorite acro trick

Who is an Artist that inspires her?

Miss Grace Schmader!

(Grace is a Senior level dancer at CCA who serves as an Assistant Teacher in our acro classes.)

What is her favorite memory at CCA?

Hadley says, "When I'm dancing on the big stage with my friends."

In honor of our Recital theme for this year, what is Bella's favorite book or story?

Hadley's favorite book is Dino's Dancing.

Are there any achievements at CCA that you are particularly proud of?

I’m so proud that Hadley works hard. Last year she performed 4 dances at the spring recital and she knew all of them by heart! She loves to dance and practices all the time. She loves CCA , her teachers, and all of her friends there.

Thank you, Hadley, for being such an incredible student here at Clarion Center for the Arts! We look forward to watching you grow and shine as a dancer for years to come. Congratulations on being our Mini Artist of the Week!