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Mini Artist of the Week - Sophia Santoriello

This is Sophia's first year of dance with us! She currently takes Ballet, Tap and Jazz. We asked Sophia's mom a few questions to get to know her better. Here are her answers!

What grade is Sophia in?

Sophia is 7 years old and in 1st grade.

What is her favorite thing about CCA?

Ballet class

What is her favorite genre of dance and favorite acro trick?


Who is an Artist that inspires her?

Miss Kaylar, her dance teacher!

What is her favorite memory at CCA?

Her first day of dance class!

What does Sophia want to do when she grows up?

Sophia wants to teach when she grows up.

In honor of our Recital theme for this year, what is Sophia's favorite book or story?

Romana Quimby, Age 8

We also asked Sophia's mom a couple of questions about the benefits she sees in dance.

How is dance impacting Sophia's life?

Dancing makes Sophia happy, and has helped her become more confident, creative, and expressive.

Why do you think other kids should take dance classes?

Other kids should dance because it is fun to learn new dances and to make new friends.

Thank you, Sophia, for being such an incredible student here at Clarion Center for the Arts! We look forward to watching you grow and shine as a dancer for years to come. Congratulations on being our Mini Artist of the Week!


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