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Piano & Keyboard Recommendations:

  • Beginner piano students are welcome to use whatever keyboard or piano they want, but eventually students will need a full-sized (88-key) weighted keyboard or piano.

    • NOTE: When the time comes to upgrade, make sure that it is a "weighted keyboard" and not a "touch sensitive" keyboard.

  • Our sales rep for musical equipment is Ian Lemberg from Sweetwater. He's put together some different packages to help our students purchase what they need!

  • Ian Lemberg - (260) 247-6781

Or here are some other options from Amazon:

Or, if you want to get fancy, this is the piano Ms. BreAnna has at home!

Helpful Links:

Drum Supplies:

A full drum kit is big investment. Until your student reaches a level where they need the full kit, start off with the following supplies!


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