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My Story...

Growing up, I was always passionate about the performing arts. And like many young performers, I dreamed of becoming famous. But I wanted to become famous for one very specific reason… to use my influence to make the world a better place.

Fantasies aside, my desire to make a difference stayed with me as I began to look more realistically at my future. As I contemplated career paths, one question that always rose to the front of my mind was, “What can I do to have the greatest impact on the world?” Even as young as 8th grade I had hopes of one day opening a performing arts education center that would train students in “artistic competence and admirable character,” as my mantra would go.

Little did I know that the opportunity would present itself when I was just 19 years old. Although I hadn’t planned on returning to the dance studio world so suddenly, I knew the dance culture was in need of a change. Studios across the country were becoming less and less concerned with the impact their costume, music and choreography selections had on young, impressionable students. I knew I could provide something different. Something better.

But if I was going to open a dance studio, it wasn’t going to be just for dance. Thus, Clarion Center for the Arts, with classes in Theatre and Music as well as Dance, was born in 2013 with 150 students on our very first day of classes!

To this day, Clarion Center for the Arts’ core values of Compassion, Confidence and Creativity permeate everything we do and everything I dream about one day doing. Compassion sits at the top of that list, because making a difference in the world and teaching kids to do the same is still my life’s primary mission.

I may never be famous, but I know that I’m helping to educate an army of difference makers, who will all grow up to use their gifts in the arts to change the world. And that is all that matters.

So if you’re looking for an after school activity that shares your same priorities and values as a parent, our school can help. If your child struggles with confidence, our classes can help. If your child wants to make new friends in a place that allows them to express themselves and be creative, our school can help. If you want to get back some extra me-time every week and pass your kids off on us, our staff can help. LOL

But all joking aside, we do believe that every child deserves a chance to be compassionate, confident and creative.

I promise that we will give your child the Performing Arts education they deserve and most importantly, we’ll equip them with the life skills they need to achieve whatever their heart desires and make a difference while they’re at it.

~BreAnna Liberto, School Director

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