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National Honor Society for Dance Arts

Tracking your points

First download a NHSDA Point Tracker.

  • The rubric on the first page will explain what kind of activities earn you points.

  • Use the second page to record your eligible activities and get a staff member of CCA to write down the points you've earned.

  • The third page is for tracking the hours that you dance at CCA. Write down the dates of the week in column one then record your hours for each day of that week.

  • Page four is for tracking your hours of dance outside of CCA. This includes workshops, conventions, dance team, musicals and more!

Applying for induction

Once you have the necessary number of points, apply for induction at the Student Application page of NHSDA's website. After you've applied, a member of CCA's staff will review your application before confirming your induction eligibility.

Induction fees

A charge for your induction pin, certification and other induction memorabilia will be added to your account once your induction eligibility is confirmed. Your induction will be processed once a payment is received.


Membership within the NHSDA requires students to be a leader among their peers in both diligence and service. NHSDA members are expected to play an active role in all Compassion projects at CCA.


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