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NHSDA Induction

For general information about the NHSDA at Clarion Center for the Arts, visit the blog post below.

National Honor Society for Dance Arts


  1. The summer before 6th grade, dancers can start using the NHSDA Point Tracker to collect points.

  2. A CCA Team member must approve actives and specify points earned along the way.

  3. Junior students (Grades 6-8) must earn 15 points between the summer before 6th grade and the end of 8th grade.

  4. Secondary students (Grades 9-12) must earn 30 points between the summer before 9th grade and the end of 12th grade.

  5. Once the Point Tracker is completed, return it to the CCA Office.

  6. Then apply for induction at the NHSDA website.

  7. A CCA Team member will confirm the application and order induction pins and cords on your behalf!