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Project Ignite FAQ's

What exactly does a day at camp look like?

Everyone starts off together for a morning warmup. Then kids split off into groups based on their ages. The groups rotate through our workshops of dance, music, theatre, circus, painting, creative writing, and film with a break for lunch around 11:45am. Each day finishes with the kids coming back together to work on the opening number for the showcase!

Will my child need to bring a lunch?

Yep! Kids will need to bring a packed lunch to camp each day. Please keep in mind that no refrigerator or microwave is available. And don’t forget the utensils!

What should kids wear to camp?

Since we’ll be dancing and moving a whole lot, students should wear something comfy like gym shorts, leggings or sweatpants. Because of the special floors in our studios, street shoes cannot be worn in the rooms. Kids should be prepared to go barefoot or wear socks!

Is it ok that my child has no previous experience?

Absolutely! Project Ignite is all about sparking a love for the arts in kids and their parents. If your kiddo has no previous experience in the arts, then this is a great way to try it out!

My child has lots of previous experience. Will they be bored?

Of course not! They'll have a blast learning new dances, songs, skits and more as we prepare for the showcase!

What if my child can’t be there for the showcase?

All of our workshops are geared toward preparing for the showcase at the end of the week, so it’s definitely more fun when everyone performs! But if for some reason your kiddo can’t be there, just let us know before the camp starts.

Where is the showcase?

The showcase takes place at Zion Church, 114 Zion Road, Clarion. In fact, our entire final day of camp on Friday will take place there so kids have a chance to rehearse on the stage!

How much does the showcase cost?

Nothing! The showcase is completely free to the community so you can invite all of your friends and family!

What will my child need to wear for the showcase?

Included in your camp fee is a camp t-shirt. Students will wear their camp t-shirt along with black or blue jean shorts, pants or leggings and sneakers or some other kind of closed-toe shoe they can dance in. Long hair should be pulled out of the face.

If your question isn't answered here, please reach out to us! We hope to see you soon at Project Ignite!


Call/Text: 814-319-5631


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