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Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Program!

Our team here at Clarion Center for the Arts is excited to announce our upcoming Rhythm Works Integrative Dance program! Miss Hannah Frederick, a former student and current teacher at CCA, was certified in June 2019 to teach this program to students in our community. Rhythm Works Integrative Dance is a groundbreaking rhythm and dance program that provides a fun, yet functional, participation opportunity for students with developmental delays, physical challenges, learning differences and sensory sensitivities. While the classes are focused on building foundational skills for our uniquely-abled students, the class is open to people of all abilities to promote inclusion and neuro-diversity.

Rhythm Works Integrative Dance goes well beyond the art of dance. Emerging studies are showing, when combined, movement, sound and rhythm have great effects on the brain. The Rhythm Works Integrative Dance program uses evidence-based practices from sensory integration, behavioral analysis, and movement safety/kinesiology to provide opportunities for students to practice developmental skills across 5 developmental domains. To our students, the classes are fun, social, and engaging. Behind the scenes, our instructors work hard to ensure class content is purposeful and functional. Miss Hannah is excited to partner with students’ therapists to incorporate content and concept development that supports existing therapy/IEP goals.

The Rhythm Works program here at Clarion Center for the Arts will consist of one-on-one learning sessions, small group classes and a weekly large group class to provide consistent opportunity to grow, learn and socialize. Assistive buddies will be able to attend class at no cost to ensure every dancer has the support they need.

We are still in the planning stages of this new program and need the community's input to know what day, time and age-group we should be focusing on. We'd eventually love to offer this unique dance experience to multiple age groups, but just need to know where to start!

If you are interested in getting someone you love or care for into this class, we'd love to connect with you! Send us an email at or give us a call at 814-319-5631.

Looking forward to working with you soon!


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