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Solo Title Scholarship Competition

Gain some incredible life experience points by participating in the Solo Title Competition through Ohio Dance Masters!

Dance Masters of America/Ohio Dance Masters

As certified Dance Masters of America teachers, Ms. Janet and Ms. BreAnna are able to enter students into their regional competitions. For multiple reasons (you're welcome to ask if you'd like to know!) we participate through their Ohio chapter rather than their Pennsylvania one.

One of these competitions includes their biggest Performing Arts Competition held in Cleveland every March. This is the one our Sparklers team attends.

What is the Solo Title Scholarship Competition?

Another regional competition that our students can participate in is the Solo Title Scholarship Competition. At this competition, winners are crowned with the title of Miss Dance, Teen Miss Dance, Junior Miss Dance and Petite Miss Dance based on their age group. Besides performing a solo routine for the talent portion of the competition, students are also scored on a series of dance auditions and an interview. All of these categories take place in person during the Title Competition weekend.

When is the Title Competition?

The Miss Dance of Ohio Title Competition (Ages 16-23) takes place each year over a weekend in November while the Teen Miss (Ages 13-15), Junior Miss (Ages 10-12) and Petite Miss (Ages 7-9) competitions take place on the last weekend of January or first weekend of February.

All Title Competitions for the 2020-2021 dance season will take place January 28-31st at the Cherry Valley Lodge in Newark, Ohio.

Why should dancers consider this experience?

For us, competition is not about winning (although it is fun when we do!). We recognize that the majority of our students won't go on to pursue careers as performers. Our focus, therefore, is on setting students up for success no matter what they choose to do by giving them the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional tools they need to succeed. We have strategically incorporated this Title Competition as an opportunity for our students because of the many benefits we believe it has to offer.

  1. Interview practice - Since a portion of a students' score is based on their interview, we take the time to prep students to stand out. This prep and practice helps students develop important public speaking and interview skills. It nourishes their confidence and charisma for future leadership roles.

  2. Audition practice - Auditions are a very nerve-racking endeavor so we work hard at training students how to manage and thrive under this kind of stress. Learning stress management skills sets students up to perform better at school, on stage, around friends and eventually in their jobs. It also helps them lead a happier and healthier life not burdened by stress.

  3. Networking - One of the greatest things about these competitions is the opportunity to network with like-minded kids from around the region. The practice of meeting new people and getting to know them is an important life skill to have. We teach students how to confidently engage with new people in a way that makes them likable and relatable.

  4. One-on-one training - Students get to work privately with one of our coaches to learn and perfect their solo routine. These one-on-one sessions are an incredible way to grow as a dancer and take your training to the next level. You can hone in on specific weaknesses that need to be corrected and work on finding your "voice" in dance for telling a compelling story.

What's the financial investment?

Participation in the Solo Title Scholarship Competition is $1,000. You can choose to pay this in monthly installments of $100 or more with an initial deposit of $250. This fee includes...

  • 20 private lessons for working on your solo (additional lessons are $25 each)

  • Your solo costume

  • Entry into the competition

  • Interview, Audition & Networking preparation

  • Professional headshot (needed for the competition)

Other expenses may include the hotel for the weekend, admission tickets for the competition and anything you may need with your costume such as shoes, tights, earrings and makeup.

Who is eligible?

We invite any students interested in the opportunity to consult both Ms. BreAnna and Ms. Janet to see if they are ready for it. Students on our Diamond Pass have a greater chance of being ready simply because of the number of hours they put into their dance training each week. Some other factors we will consider include...

  • Does the student take a Cecchetti class?

  • Does the student pick up and retain choreography well?

  • Does the student have her splits?

  • Can the student do at least a double pirouette?

  • Is the student an expressive performer?

  • Is the student a leader among her peers?

  • Does the student work hard in and out of class?

It's important to consider the parents' attitudes and beliefs toward dance and competition, too. If either parent values winning over the experience alone or vocally opposes their child's interest in the opportunity, then we will not want to work with you as it could potentially cause your child more stress than is necessary. Support from both parents is an absolute necessity.

We're in! How do we sign up?

To get started, email us at before November 1st. We'll chat about whether or not your child is ready for this opportunity. If we agree that they are, then we can take care of setting up your payments and scheduling your private lessons!

NOTE: Because this opportunity is better experienced with a friend, we will only take Petite Miss and Junior Miss competitors if there is at least one other student from their age group interested in doing it as well.

We're excited to take this journey with you and help your kiddo grow mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally stronger!


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