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Student Success Story: Hannah Frederick

We recognize that the majority of our students won't go on to pursue careers as performers. Our focus, therefore, is on setting students up for success no matter what they choose to do by giving them the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional tools they need to succeed. Some of these strengths - like grit, confidence and imagination - come naturally through any performing arts education. But there are other attributes that we strategically incorporate into our curricula in order to positively impact the development of the whole student. Through Dance, Music, Theatre and Circus, CCA aims at teaching kids how to think like artists, build up their confidence and use creativity to change their world. Check out how Dance at CCA has been helping Hannah Frederick succeed!


Hi everybody! Miss Hannah here, many of you know me as your child’s dance teacher. What you might not know is that I began dancing at Clarion Center for the Arts as a student in 2013, when BreAnna first opened her doors. I was in eighth grade at the time- searching for somewhere or something that would make me feel at home.

Clarion Center for the Arts became my home. Throughout high school, I took as many dance classes as I could, and began teaching classes one or two nights a week. My life was filled to the brim with dance as well as other extracurricular activities like band, choir, and school musicals. I challenged myself academically throughout high school and graduated with honors from Clarion Area High School in 2018. I attribute much of my academic success to my dance experiences. Through dance, I learned how to manage my time, challenge myself, and persevere through failure. When I was struggling with choreography or a new skill, I persevered and kept working until I succeeded.

I look back on my years as a student of BreAnna and Janet with such joy. Memories of wearing a green unitard and playing The Grinch, attending Sparkler lock-ins, recitals, competitions and too many inside jokes to count. There was no better way for me to grow up.

CCA also fostered my love for teaching. After I began teaching classes in high school, I quickly realized that it is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life I just graduated from Clarion University in May with my degree in Early Childhood Education. In August, I will begin teaching second grade at Wasson Elementary School in DuBois. My students have all been such a blessing to me—I have loved watching them learn and grow over the past few years. Saying goodbye was so hard, though I am excited to see what this new journey has in store for me.

When my parents signed me up for dance as a toddler, I do not think they could ever have imagined the role it would have in my life. Clarion Center for the Arts has truly shaped me into the woman I am today.


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