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Complimentary Summer Classes

Because we would miss our students too much over the summer months, we offer complimentary dance classes for our Members. Dance is just too much fun to take a break from over the summer!

Families who pay their yearly Membership fee in July are invited to join us for complimentary dance classes throughout July and August.

Bumble Babies Summer Class

Our Bumble Babies Summer Class is for 1.5-3 year olds and functions just like our Bumble Babies class during the year with the addition of the Twinkle Tots age grouping!

Preschool Summer Class

Just like our Little Leapers classes during the year, our Preschool Summer Class is an imaginative dance experience for 4-6 year olds!

Petite/Primary Summer Class

For kids going into First-4th grade, our Petite/Primary Summer Class is a continuation of the ballet, tap and jazz fundamentals they get during the year!

Summer Conditioning

Students in 5th grade and up (or by invitation if younger) are encouraged to attend as many Summer Conditioning sessions as they can. These classes provide cardio, strength and flexibility training that dancers need to maintain the skills they learned the previous year AND prepare them for the skills to come! Taking the summer off from dance can really set you back when you return in the fall. Summer Conditioning prevents students from losing what they've worked so hard to achieve!


These classes are complimentary, but you need to register before attending. To do so, simply login to your Parent Portal, click on the "Register for Classes" icon.

Click on the "Summer" tab, check the box for the class and then check the boxes for the dates you wish to attend.

If you don't see the class you believe your child is eligible for, please email or text the Office!

We can't wait to dance with you this summer!

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