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Why Choose CCA?

So, you might be wondering… “Why should I choose CCA?” Well, let me answer that by first asking you a question… “What prompted you to check us out?”

“My child is shy and needs more confidence.”

Here’s what Tammy K. has to say… “My granddaughter was painfully shy. She would hide in the corner at birthday parties. After starting at CCA, my super shy girl got up on stage in front of big audiences and shook her groove thing! She's learned valuable confidence and social skills at CCA.”

“My child needs a place to burn some energy.”

Here’s what Heidi M. has to say… “For my daughter, life was pretty uneventful since she didn't have many activities to be involved in at a young age. I chose CCA because they offer so much more than just dance for my child's future. I look forward to watching her grow with CCA in years to come!”

“My child already loves to dance!”

Here’s what Tamera F. has to say… “I can’t imagine a life without CCA feeding my girls' dreams and helping them achieve what they have set their hearts on. We chose CCA because they take the time to get to know their dancers and encourage them to push themselves to do their best. I see a drive to succeed in my girls that I didn’t know existed!”

In the end, we want to help your child become the best version of themselves. I want to write a story one day, in an email just like this one, about how YOUR child built up their confidence and went on to become a major leader and inspiration to other people’s lives.


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